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Jean understands what it takes to get the job done.

She will fight tirelessly to bring Virginia into the forefront of National Politics  

She has the experience, skills, and the follow-through to bring success to Virginia's Republican races.

For Jean, this campaign is not only about being a true representative of Virginia to the RNC,

but also to take an active role in all levels of Virginia's Republican races.   

Let's WIN Virginia AGAIN!

Let's Start Winning Again

RNC Committeewoman is not a “ceremonial” position.  She represents the Republican Party of Virginia and must have the character to collaborate well with Party leadership.   She should possess the foresight to strategize and maneuver our Party into a winning position. 


Jean has all of this and more!  She has Unit Chair and Campaign Manager experience, in addition to her business acumen.  Jean is also a “can-do” individual who has the drive and the follow-through to see a task from conception to execution. 

Fiscally Conservative

National Committeewoman must be able to successfully fund raise.  We can only put winning strategies into motion if we have the financial support to do so.  Jean likes nothing more than a party to get the ball rolling and has been successfully fundraising to support candidates and provide for election operations for years.  She has a Game Plan to fill the RPV coffers and is ready to get started.

Pro 2nd Amendment

Jean has passionately fought to prevent infringement on our Second Amendment rights.  She wrote and carried the 2A Resolution in Powhatan County, enthusiastically passed by the Board of Supervisors. 

JMG Carries 2A.jpg

She stood united with her fellow citizens at the NRA Lobby Day where she addressed the State Senate on three of their unconstitutional gun control grabs, as well as at the peaceful VCDL Rally at the Capital in downtown Richmond.  She understands that our Second Amendment right defends all our others.

Growing the Big Tent

Jean unwaveringly supports the College Republicans, Young Republicans, and the Virginia Federation of Republican Women (“VFRW”).  She is currently President of the Mill Quarter Republican Women’s Club and has served as VFRW Corresponding Secretary and co-Chair of the VFRW’s successful Legislative Day 6 years straight.  Jean knows we must develop and support all Republican organizations to provide flexible opportunities for people to participate.  A multi-faceted approach is the only way to connect with voters and grow our Party!

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